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The ultimate cafe for solitary offline work

Wellington flat white coffeeI know the perfect office-cafe in Wellington, but I'm not going to tell you its name. Oh, no no no. My secret.

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Q & A from STC India technical communicators

Map of India. TravelInfo, Creative Commons A-SAQ & A: Indian technical communicators in India asked these questions after my webinar on  How to write clear, translatable English for a global audience.

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Writing translatable English: resources to get you started

The goal of global English is to be intelligible. Not to speak or write impeccable Standard English but to communicate our meaning successfully to people whose English is different from our own.


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New Google AdWords policies: plain language heaven

Furture policies of Google Adwords in plain English.

We got a great message from Google AdWords today. (How can that be? I hear you say.)

It was clear. It was simple. And it was all about being clear and simple. It applies to new policies that will be launched around September of this year. 

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How decluttering space mysteriously declutters your life

Room stripped to its bones.

The power of decluttering is mysterious and mighty. New bathroom to be installed? That means creating some empty space. A beautiful empty space of infinite possibilities. A void in which to consider what really matters. A place for creation.

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Giving feedback on work documents: 9 tips

Penguin parent feeding baby penguin.Peer review of business reports and technical documents is a time-honoured practice in the workplace. A few ground rules can help everyone — writers, reviewers, and readers.


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Links on mobile devices: eliminate the fat finger problem

The problem with links on mobile devices is the human finger: it’s much bigger than the cursor we use on a desktop. So make all links obvious and large and not too close to other links.

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