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How web accessibility suddenly became sexy and what it means for you

Accessibility Cinderella has been crowned by Silicon Valley Up to now web accessibility has been the poor little Cinderella of technology, dressed in rags, struggling, cleaning up other people's messes and getting not an ounce of thanks or glory. That just changed.

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July 08, 2015


How to sort lists alphabetically: even librarians use the easy way

Trinity College Library (c) Thomas Guignard FlickrYou're editing and and you come to a list that needs sorting into alphabetical order. Easy enough until you strike the mad Macs.  

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DOJ cracks the whip on accessibility of US public websites

In the US, the dream is over for commercial firms: now most public websites must comply with web accessibility guidelines. How strange. Once upon a time we thought that WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 applied solely to government agencies...

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Multipurpose infographic on intranet vs. digital workplace homepages

intranet vs. digital workplace infographic: Richard Dennison

Richard Dennison has written a blog post

that summarises nicely the differences between a home page for an intranet and for a digital workplace. Use it at work as a reminder, teaching tool and bomb.

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June 10, 2015


Time management: sustained focus is the key

Deep thought in quiet Marlborough Sounds

"My time management sucks." Ever heard that before? Ever said it or thought it? About a thousand times, no doubt. Me too. I regularly beat myself up for being carbon-cycle slow to achieve certain urgent and important tasks... 

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Global accessibility awareness starts at home

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) logoTo celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2015, FixTheWeb has produced an excellent animated video on web accessibility. Of course, the video is itself a model of accessible media.

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Spot-check your own web content

We all hope and trust that our content authors are creating findable, usable, valuable content for both web and mobile. But how can we be sure? Here's a quick way to spot-check your own web content without user-testing. 

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