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Course overview

Content writing courses and digital communication courses accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK for professionals in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada  Professional development courses for content writers, content strategists and content managers in the USA, UK, Canada, NZ, Australia  Study content writing skills on mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ   100% money-back guarantee on all content writing, digital communication and copywriting courses   

All your business communication training needs in one package — online courses in digital content writing, web copy writing, business writing, social media writing, content marketing, SEO writing and web accessibility.

Access all Contented online writing courses and books for a full year, including any new courses we release. This is our best value training package for professionals and jobseekers who want to broaden and sharpen their digital content writing and communication skills.

These courses are essential for communication professionals, web content writers, technical writers, content marketers, content managers, content strategists and copywriters. They also benefit anyone who writes for work, including writing blogs, newsletters, policies, procedures and social media.

Lyndy Rol, Web Content Manager, Government of South Australia: All web writers must complete Contented online training writing courses before accessing our web content management system.

What the subscription package includes

You have access to all our accredited professional development certificates, plus any new content courses we release. You also have access to three technical writing e-books.

  1. Certificate in Web Writing: 5 online courses on how to write web content for online readers and search engines.
  2. Certificate in Accessible Content: 5 online courses on how to write web and PDF content that complies with web accessibility guidelines in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, or anywhere with the WCAG 2.0 standard.
  3. Certificate in Business Writing: 5 online courses on plain English, sentence construction, document structure, modern punctuation and grammar, and business report writing.
  4. Certificate in Social Media Writing: 5 online courses on how to create a content strategy for social media and write business blogs, email newsletters and tweets.

Kristina Halvorson, content strategist, Brain Traffic review: a must-have content writing resource for everyone who touches digital content.

You will gain 11 must-have digital content skills

You will learn:

  1. how to attract online readers
  2. practical skills in web content writing and web copy writing
  3. why writing for digital media differs from print media
  4. the mechanics of digital content and how search engines work
  5. how to use metadata and keywords effectively
  6. web accessibility standards for PDF and web content
  7. how to use a content management system properly
  8. about writing content for mobile phones and devices
  9. plain English writing techniques for international audiences
  10. content marketing with email newsletters and blogs
  11. simple social media techniques.

Top features of the subscription

  • Written by content specialists and expert trainers
  • 4 certificate courses, 2 additional courses and 3 textbooks
  • Accredited by the CPD Standards Office, UK
  • 20+ hours of study
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Highly flexible, scalable and cost-effective

Karen McGrane, content strategist, Bond Art and Science, review: Rachel McAlpine's book will help you understand how digital content is fundamentally different from print media

Subscription details

Audience: You, if you want to advance in any business communications role. You need these skills for jobs in business communication, web content writing, online publishing, content marketing, public relations, technical writing, content management, SEO, digital communication, and many government jobs.

PrerequisiteNone, apart from computer and internet access. No knowledge of IT or accessibility required.

Qualification: 4 professional development certificates, independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK: 20 credits for your CPD record. 

Time and place: Distance learning courses. Start any time within 12 months. Study online at your own pace.

Duration: You can access the online courses for 12 months. You can download and print the e-books.

Assessment: Online test for each course.

Authors: Alice Hearnshaw and Rachel McAlpine, respected specialists in digital content, are the course authors. Rachel McAlpine is the author of the books. She has taught content writing and business writing skills in Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand and Singapore.

Dr Polly Kobeleva, Lecturer in Communication, Open Polytechnic of New Zealand review about web content writing book: If you need web content writing skills right here right now, this web content book is for you.

About the writing textbooks

Rachel McAlpine writes authoritative books about all aspects of modern business communication. These technical books are used as textbooks by professional associations and universities in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

  1. Business Writing Plus
    Update your business communication skills for the digital workplace.
  2. Write Me a Web Page, Elsie!
    How to write fresh, findable digital content for websites, intranets, blogs and social media.
  3. Global English for Global Business
    Communicate successfully in plain English with people all over the world.

Online writing courses accredited by CPD Standards Office in UK for content writers in US, Australia, Canada Content writing courses with 100% money back guarantee for online learners in UK, USA, New Zealand 

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