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Blog: Content writing and content strategy insights

A clever way for writers to design menu structures and landing pages, much like

March 13, 2018

This blog:

  • discusses the important role of writers in menu design
  • reveals a common usability problem with landing pages
  • proposes a clever way to design user-friendly menu structures and landing pages
  • shows you how to replicate the menu for your government website or corporate website.

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Is your web content like spaghetti — all tangled and full of confusing navigation loops? 🍝

February 27, 2018

We all love spaghetti — it’s fun to twirl on a fork and spool into your mouth. But do you know the expression “spaghetti code”? It’s a disparaging phrase programmers give to poor source code, that is twisted and tangled like a bowl of pasta. Corporate web content can easily become like spaghetti too, and that’s typically when web writers are called in to fix it.

This blog offers content designers and web writers a roll-your-sleeves-up method for untangling twisted content. It is particularly beneficial for digital content projects where timeframes, budgets and subject matter experts are under pressure.

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